LET US IN Linda McCartney Breast Cancer Bracelet

LET US IN Bracelet
LET US IN Bracelet
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Product Description

As it is said; everyone has only three choices when faced with adversity; you can run, spectate or commit. Reviver Records, in conjunction with The Women and Cancer Fund have created the "Let Us In the Fight" campaign to raise the needed funds for cancer research and to help bring about the awareness that none of us are helpless when it comes to our health. Fifty percent of the receipts from the sale of this bracelet will go directly to the charity, to help in the fight against breast cancer.

The words "Let Us In" were designed as a battle cry. A declaration that we do not want to become spectators of our own life. Wearing this bracelet not only shows support for the campaign against breast cancer; it makes a personal statement of your willingness to commit! LET US IN. . . the fight.